Glenna Slater

August 25, 2016 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People, Publications

When a language dies, its culture suffers a tragic loss. The indigenous Omaha people—the Umoⁿhoⁿ—are thus in a precarious position. Although there are about 6,000 living members of the tribe, its language is in danger […]


Andrew Easton

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Andrew Easton taught students how to create projects from wood. His son, Andrew W. Easton, taught students how to properly create a balance sheet and how to use their left pinkie fingers to type the […]


When Life Gives You Lemons, They Might Actually Be Oranges

August 23, 2016 · Posted In: Art, Encounter, Lifestyle, Publications

This past summer, the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery hosted an artistic and cultural exchange with Sophia Wanamaker Gallery in San Jose, Costa Rica. Elisa Morera, a Costa Rican artist who splits time between Omaha and her […]


Newsmaker Becomes Newsgatherer

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Our committee at the Omaha Press Club meets several times a year to discuss who will next be honored as the club’s “Face on the Barroom Floor.” When the committee’s chairman, Tom O’Connor, was nominated […]


Nils Haaland

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Stage and voice actor Nils Haaland has assembled an array of roles. He’s played Pupcake, the precocious, rambunctious, and lovable puppy companion of Strawberry Shortcake. He’s also played infamous Nebraskan serial killer Charles Starkweather. Haaland […]


Brent Crampton & the House of Loom


Bringing the Community Together


True Colors

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Chanell Jaramillo helps people discover their true colors—just as she once sought to divine her own. Gifted with vision and intuition that transcended her childhood in a hardscrabble neighborhood of Yuma, Arizona, she later revived […]


Mission,Passion, & Joy

August 18, 2016 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Nonprofit, Omaha Magazine, People, Publications

Roger Garcia has a lot of work to do—relationships to build, programs to create, grants to obtain, and people to help. Yet the 29-year-old dismisses the notion that his role is “work.” He prefers words […]


The Banses

August 14, 2016 · Posted In: Central Omaha, Home, Neighborhoods, Omaha Home, Publications

When Engra wed Ronald Banse, the couple shared a dream for their matrimonial abode. They wanted more space in an older home. He lived in the Field Club area, while she resided in Dundee. Neither […]