Doctor Blues


Dying for Opiates in Omaha

October 22, 2016 · Posted In: Health, News, Omaha Magazine, Publications

Getting high on injected heroin—or one of the several synthetic equivalents—does not feel like an orgasm or a dozen orgasms. That is a mythical description the average non-user appreciates, so it gets repeated. The truth […]


You Only Live Twice

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Omaha’s Orpheum Theater was designed to impress. Those vaulted, gilt ceilings. The 1920s Czech crystal chandeliers and gold leaf and ivory finishes. Its similarities to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles are intentional. The Orpheum’s […]


Greg Eklund


The Matriarch Behind the Scenes


The Most Expensive Presidential Election of All Time

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Money and politics are as American as baseball, apple pie, and corruption. Of course, baseball was based on the British game of rounders that began in the Tudor era. The first apple pie recipe was […]


Radio Talking Book Service

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Paul Stebbins has a smooth, pleasant voice with articulate delivery. As the station manager for the nonprofit Radio Talking Book Service, his knowledge of the technical side of radio production and programming is impressive. His […]


Nebraska Masonic Home

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The building known as “The Castle” is hard to miss while driving through Plattsmouth on Webster Boulevard. Its imposing grey stone structure boasts Elizabethan towers and arched doorways fit for a Scottish king. For its […]


Suzanne Wilke

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Suzanne Wilke pulls up to her dog grooming store and exits her white Pathfinder with an exuberant wave and a giant smile on her face. She walks indoors and is immediately greeted with a barrage […]


Midwestern Umami

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If you have heard anything about Suji’s Korean Grill, it is probably that the restaurant is “Chipotle for Korean food,” an analogy trumpeted from many a Yelp review and word-of-mouth recommendation. It’s an accurate assessment […]


A Taste of Old Times and Reuben Tacos in Old Dundee