In the Land of Make Believe

March 24, 2015 · Posted In: Downtown, Music, Publications, The Encounter

Somewhere on the fringes of Downtown Omaha, behind a retractable gate that only evokes dystopian fantasies, in an industrial complex turned swanky domicile turned half-built musical fortress, sits Rick Carson, deliberately strumming a Telecaster through […]


Individual Rights

March 2, 2015 · Posted In: Leaders, Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People

Originally published in March/April 2015 Omaha Magazine The following anecdote explains much about retiring federal judge Joe Bataillon, but, more importantly, it is perhaps the greatest Creighton basketball love story ever told. Bataillon left the […]


The Zen of Downsizing

February 24, 2015 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Home, People, Places

Originally published in March/April 2015 Omaha Home magazine. Anne Ginn’s epiphany came when she was ankle-deep in a pile of leaves. “It came to me while I was raking,” says Ginn. “I was filling the […]


Bricks & Molder

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Originally published in March/April 2015 Encounter magazine. The rustic charm of Jackson Street Booksellers is practically an undisputed fact amongst Omahans. Narrow and crooked aisles, packed with books, wind back into the store in a […]


Fighting the World’s Worst Diseases

February 20, 2015 · Posted In: Health, Omaha Magazine, People

Originally published in March/April 2015 Omaha Magazine. When patients with ebola flew into the heartland, the Nebraska Biocontainment Patient Care Unit activated for the first time. Local healthcare workers are now helping hospitals nationwide to […]


Older, Educated, and Still Looking

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Originally published in Spring 2015 B2B magazine. Mike Gawley punctuated the day he was let go from his job with a thud. As he was cleaning out his desk after 30-plus years at a company […]


Brothers & Sisters

February 19, 2015 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Lifestyle, People

Meeting Gene Haynes in a crowded breakfast place turned out to be a bit of a mistake. After all, the gregarious North High School principal had to begin his morning by making the rounds, chatting […]


End of an Era

March 30, 2015 · Posted In: Family, HerFamily, Publications

When Dr. Jack Lewis received the call, it was almost midnight. Elvis Presley needed his ingrown toenail dug out. “I think he just wanted drugs for his sore toe,” Lewis recalls, pounding the table and […]


Work Hard Play Hard

March 27, 2015 · Posted In: HerFamily, Publications

Wake up. Get the kids ready. Hurry out the door. Drop kids off. Work eight to five. Pick kids up. Go home. Make dinner. Help with homework. Put kids to bed. Wake up. Repeat. Phew! […]


Demolishing the Cost of Custom


Chef Jason Hughes

March 24, 2015 · Posted In: Central Omaha, Chefs, Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine, Publications

Since assuming the executive chef position at Happy Hollow Country Club in 2013 Jason Hughes has emerged as one of the city’s new culinary stars, introducing a strong farm-to-table regimen there. Not only has his […]


If You’re Not Looking…


A Bit of Motivation

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When it comes to exercise, motivation can be somewhat elusive. Good intentions fall by the wayside and soon enough we find ourselves stuck in the same old routine, or, probably more often, the routine of […]


Spaghetti Toes

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As a parent, you’ve probably appreciated (and not appreciated) the absolute honesty that often escapes your child’s mouth. Frankness aside, kids also tend to say some hilarious things. Martin Bruckner’s daughter, Harper, 3, is no […]


Dig These Chicks!

March 17, 2015 · Posted In: DIY Project, HerFamily, Publications

If you are an American female living in the year 2015, you probably have noticed that succulent plants have exploded in popularity over the past year or two. You can’t resist them—their tiny stature, their […]


From the Heart

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Upon moving to Omaha in 2010, little suggested Tunette Powell would take the city by storm. She was weighted down by a heavy past and an uncertain future in a new city. But then this […]